Item description:
The pig family has a pig for every person in the house. Dads like using poppa pig as there is more room. Momma's are the perfect size for everyone in the house for daily use. Not so big. The baby pig goes well with his parents.

Poppa 1 3/4" thick by 10 to 12" high
Momma 1 3/8" thick by 8 to 9" high
Baby 1" thick by 4 to 5" high
No glue used - $150 Delivered

What you get:

Black walnut crotch pig family's are made to order. sizing is similar but different from the hard maple family. $150 and up. depending on size. single walnut crotch momma's are $80. prices delivered. solid walnut, no glue used.
What you get:

Mixed Pig Family: Mix and match any way you like.
Same basic size as other family's.
No glue used, solid pieces.